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We are former virtual assistants former 9 to 5ers stay at home moms college students travel lovers

We are Digital Business Managers.

/dee bee em /
noun: singular

[def] A Digital Business Manager helps business owners and entrepreneurs:

  • manage remote teams,
  • plan digital projects or launches, and/or
  • set up the behind-the-scenes systems and ops.

1. Breaks down big strategies and projects into small, totally not-overwhelming and completely do-able tasks for remote teams

2. Strategizes on the higher-level on business goals, vision and projects

3. Sets up systems and processes for optimal efficiency so the business can go nyooooom

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How I Turned My Love of Planning into a 6-Figure Freelance Career

My free series is the BEST place to start if you have questions about:

  • How to create a freelance career that is both profitable AND enjoyable,
  • What exactly a “Digital Business Manager” is or does,
  • How much $$$ I made as a DBM,
  • How & where I found my 40+ freelance clients,
  • And so much more!

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Promote Yourself for Virtual Assistants

This is a 6-day free email course for the virtual assistant that wants to make more $$$ without endlessly signing more and more (and more) clients, recklessly raising their rates, or selling their soul.

We’ll talk about:

  • Why “just sign more clients” doesn’t work
  • Why “just raise your rates” doesn’t work
  • Why you should stop calling yourself a “Virtual Assistant”
  • The not-so-secret to making bank $$$ as a freelancer
  • My super simple “Promote Yourself” step-by-step guide
  • And so much more!

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What is DBM Bootcamp®?

DBM Bootcamp® is an 8-12 week Bootcamp that trains you to become an extraordinary second-in-command in digital businesses.

You learn how to plan & manage digital projects, run remote teams, optimize business systems and scale digital businesses alongside the CEO.

Aside from management skills training, you’ll also find all the training and templates you need to find, land and keep amazing & high-paying freelance clients.

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 Take the Free Quiz:

Is the role of Digital Business Manager *really* right for you?

Do you love the idea of working remotely, making mad bread while being the trusted right hand of a 6-7 figure entrepreneur you once fan-girled over? Do you want to be the most indispensable person on a team? If your answer is: Yes and yes, then awesome. 

But take the quiz anyway — we spent a lot of time making it. 

Let’s start out easy - if you could choose to work from absolutely anywhere, where would you LOVE to set up your little work-from-anywhere laptop setup?
Cozied up in sweatpants right at home - with the people and/or animals I love!
In a cute, quaint little cafe with an *insert your favorite drink* and soft music playing in the background
At a coworking space in Bali - surrounded by an incredible culture, amazing food and inspiring people around me
On the road, literally, in an RV, at the airport - I want to be on the go, always!



Okay, now be honest - which ones of these do you love?
To-do lists - You’re a sucker for them. Digital, paper, half-paper-half-digital - you name it, chances are you’ve got one.
Planners & schedules - you have them. You love them. You (sometimes) use them. The idea of planning your entire life is SO fun for you
Color-coding - if you’ve ever color-coded or wanted to color code anything… yep, you know who you are. Check this box.
None of these! Ew.



What stage are you currently at?
I am in between jobs, on the hunt or still in school!
I am currently working a traditional 9-5 job.
I just started working online 1-2 years ago - as a Virtual Assistant or other type of freelancer!
I’ve been working online for at least 2-3 years now and have quite a few clients under my belt!



What’s annoying you the most right now?
You’re working your butt off… but for some reason, still not hitting your well-deserved income goals???
You’re really struggling finding clients. Umm… Where are they at? You’re awesome and ready to work with someone and wow them with your skills!
You feel underprepared and a bit like an… imposter. Hello, confidence? Where are you at?
You have no clue what your next step is. You’re overwhelmed and need someone to make you a step-by-step plan to get to your goals.



What best describes how you feel about $$$ when it comes to working online right now?
I’m just getting started, waiting on my first $1 online so I’ll take whatever I can get. (Been there, my friend!)
I’ve got my first few clients and I’m ready to increase my rates, but tbh I’m scared to tell my clients.
I feel good - I’m about market average and my clients are happy to pay them!
I’m experienced, premium, luxury - and my clients know that I’m worth every. single. cent.



Your client offers to pay for you to attend an all-expense-paid trip to a training class to learn one of these 3 skills, which would you ideally most like to try out?
Planning the creation of a brand new online course - figuring out who needs to do what by when to help your client create a 5-star online course!
Managing an incredible remote team - making sure they’re happy, hosting weekly calls, hiring new team members, making them feel welcome!
One word: systems. You would love to learn about creating workflows, step-by-step processes and making things more efficient! Woo, documentation! (I know, we’re a special breed.)
Omg… I can’t decide. I want to do ALL of them. (Psst, you might just be a triple threat!)
None of the above - none sound interesting or fun for me.



You find a lamp at your local cafe - you give it a rub and a digital genie pops out and grants you 1 wish. Which do you pick?
“I really want to be able to be home with my family - I want to be able to see my kids grow up, be there for it every step of the way and not have to sacrifice and choose between my family and my career ambitions.”
“I want to travel! I want to live life on my terms - aka I would love to work from cafes around the world, explore local cuisines, experience cultures and I want my laptop to come along for the ride so I can earn a sustainable income to fund these travels.”
“Look - I just want freedom. I want freedom to pick what I get to do every day. I want to work from my pajamas. I want to throw my alarm clock out the window and never have to use it again.”
“I want to LOVE my work - I want to be obsessed with how passionate I am for what I get to do every single day. I want to wake up every morning, hopping out of bed itching to dive into my to-do list.”



What sounds most appealing about potentially working as a Digital Business Manager?
Being able to work from anywhere, literally anywhere as long as I have wifi and my laptop!
Not going to lie - the $$$.
The task diversity so I don’t have to work on the same thing, every single day - I can be creative and analytical and switch between projects and tasks!
Working with people! I love the idea of managing teams and helping them do an incredible job.
Finally getting paid for my planning superpower 🙂
Eh, I'm not sure I'm that into the idea



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Should You Become a Digital Business Manager?



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Heya, I'm Deya!

I’m a Digital Business Manager and have been working online for over 6 years now alongside 6 and 7 figure digital entrepreneurs (and 2 very excitable kitty cats!)

I’ve worked on projects big and small, ranging from managing 7-figure courses, launches for multi-6-figure online courses and membership sites to virtual summits, as well as serving phenomenal remote teams and creating color-coded systems, scalable workflows and SOPs upon SOPs.

Now, I’m super excited to help you do the same.

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Or just stay here. We love having you. P.S. You look cute today.

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