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How I Turned My Love of Planning into a 6-Figure Freelance Career

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  • [00:54] A Glance at My $$$ Journey
  • [01:49] Why My Perfect Life Plan Combusted in 2016
  • [03:11] The Startling Discovery that I’m a Control Fiend
  • [06:10] Landing My First Client & Making My First $1
  • [07:40] Problem #1: My Time Cap
  • [08:42] Problem #2: My $ Cap
  • [09:44] The 1st 6-Figure Lesson
  • [11:10] The Small vs. Big Problem Scale
  • [13:13] The Red Ocean vs. Blue Ocean
  • [16:14] Blue Ocean Skill #1
  • [20:48] Blue Ocean Skill #2
  • [26:00] Blue Ocean Skill #3
  • [30:24] How to Speak the Client’s Language
  • [32:50] What is a ‘Digital Business Manager’?
  • [34:00] How This Completely Changed My Life

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The Chaotic Journey from $10/hr to 6 Figures

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How the $$$ Breaks Down & What I Charged

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Where I Found My 40+ Clients & My Advice

"Why are you offering this for free?"

Good question! Because I think a small percentage of those of you that would click & watch this series might be interested in my programs. So I created this series to deliver as much value as I could upfront to help you see if this is something for you. If not, 100% okay! I hope it’s helpful to you regardless.

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