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Statement Against Bias and Discrimination

At DBM Bootcamp, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all individuals, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, language, or any other characteristic. We condemn any form of bias or discrimination in the hiring process and strive to create a platform where all qualified candidates have equal opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. We firmly believe that merit should be the sole basis for hiring decisions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that no individual is unfairly judged or overlooked due to irrelevant factors.

“One of the top performers on our Funnel Gorgeous team came straight from the Digital Business Manager Bootcamp.

Jess is a leader, a skilled communicator, and a strategic thinker. Among her many other accomplishments on our team, she has single handedly revamped our entire customer support system in HelpScout and has gone on to grow a team that functions under her. We even use the SOP templates from DBM Bootcamp company-wide. We are so grateful to have Jess + for her training!”

Julie Stoian, Co-Founder & CEO at Funnel Gorgeous

“I loved having a DBM gal on my team. She was by far the most efficient human with our project management but also ensured the whole team felt heard and clear on next steps.

She took so many meetings off my plate and gave me peace of mind that everything was handled for the 2 years she was with us!”

Jordan Gill, Founder & CEO at Systems Saved Me

“Before I put my C.O.O. through Deya’s DBM Bootcamp training, our business was haphazard. Nothing was organized or structured. We communicated in about 8 different places. 

My big dream was to be able to do my thing as the C.E.O. and have my C.O.O. just manage it all – that was my dream.

And the dream came true ever better than I can explain. 

Through the DBM Bootcamp, my C.O.O. was fully trained in project management, delegation, virtual communication, SOPs, automations, hiring and onboarding remote team members – all of which been so, so valuable to our business systems, ops and management.  

My C.O.O. and I cannot say enough wonderful things about DBM Bootcamp. Our last open enrollment for our course pre-DBM Bootcamp, we enrolled 20 new students into our program.  

The most recent open enrollment that we did – post-DBM Bootcamp training for my C.O.O. where she handled everything – the project management, the team and handled it all…

We enrolled 279 students

We had a six-figure launch. It was planned, coordinated – the email marketing strategy, the social media strategy, the management of the entire team – all handled by my C.O.O..

Boom. It was awesome. Needless to say, we are huge, huge fans of Deya’s DBM Bootcamp.

If you are thinking about it from a business owner’s perspective or a CEO’s perspective, do it. It has been a game changer.”

Julia Taylor, Founder & CEO at Geek Pack and Wordpress Rockstar

“The DBM students that I hired are total superstars! They are a dream – super strategic and organized. I am a few months into working with them, and I am really thrilled with both of their work! 

It’s been a bit of a long hard road to get here but finally building my dream team. Congrats to you, Deya, on building such a successful business model!”

Natalie Sisson, Founder & CEO at NatalieSisson.com & Suitcase Entrepreneur

“I want to say THANK YOU Deya for this incredible program and to you fellow business owners: I encourage you to check out the DBM Bootcamp for your team members.

It will be one of the best investments you will make in your business.

When I first started my business I was that creative mess – there was chaos, and I was going 100 miles an hour.

So I did what a lot of us solopreneurs do – I hired my first VA.

But as my team grew, I realized I needed somebody who could keep me organized and “manage me,” someone who could help me on the backend of my business, which was kind of a mess!

I wanted to be a visionary and a creative genius. I really didn’t always want to have to manage the team, pick up the tiny details, organize things and schedule stuff out.

That was not for me.

So, instead of going out and hiring somebody with all the qualifications, I was looking for I decided to look within my current team, and I saw that my very first VA had a lot of the skills needed to become the Digital Business Manager I needed.

I asked her to look into programs that could help her learn more about this role, and she sent me Deya’s DBM Bootcamp and said that she had been wanting to do the DBM Bootcamp, and you guessed it, I said, OKAY!

My VA went through Deya’s course because I needed her to step into this Digital Business Manager role so she could help me take my business to the next level.

And you know what? That’s exactly what she did!

She LOVED the course and gave it raving reviews.

I want to talk to all my fellow CEOs out there, I know how important and precious your time is and I know how busy you are.

Being able to give this course to one of my contractors completely changed my business. We went from being a mess to having systems, processes and streamlining everything along the way. It’s been amazing! She went from being my amazing Virtual Assistant to this incredible Digital Business Manager!”

Jen Myers, CEO at Homeschool CEO

“I’m hesitant to write this because I don’t want to share Megan with anyone else, I wish I could keep her talent all to myself forever but there are so many other women out there that I KNOW need someone like Megan on their side and will greatly benefit from all of her skills.

Megan has been my DBM for 6 months now and she came in full throttle, taking immediate action on all of the pain points I had expressed to her during our first interview. We had a new project management setup with proper systems, and team job descriptions within the first 30 days of her on my team. Then we went straight into course launch mode where she again took charge and delegated everything that needed to get done so that I could focus on the most important tasks.

The thing that stands out to me the most about Megan is that she genuinely cares, she makes it her top priority to help take the un-needed tasks off my plate so I can simply live a stress-free life. She has helped me set boundaries with myself and my business. I’m truly blessed to have someone, with her heart, passion, and skillset on my team.”

Millie Adrian, Influencer, Educator & CEO at ItsModernMillie.com

“I worked with Leighanne from Deya’s community to rebuild my content strategy and processes. Leighanne went and analyzed everything we’ve been doing so far to find out what works best and to straighten the processes, making specific SOPs all of my team can follow.

The main outcome of this was a very straightforward pipeline, brand voice document andp plenty of insights. I’m glad I came accross the community where I made a very successful hire! The best part is that Leighanne had a robust understanding of everything behind an online business like mine, from analytics and where to look for details, to tools and how they integrate.

It’s incredibly valuable having smart people helping you and I can totally recommend Deya’s business managers to anyone who’s looking for a dependable business support.”

Maria Sirotkina, CEO at Art Heroes 3D Art Academy 

“I gave a paid trial task to a DBM Bootcamp student, and she was unbelievable – she knocked the task OUT of the park.

She really thought not just 1 or 2 levels deep, but 10 levels deep. She went above and beyond what I requested. I am so excited to begin working with her.”

Veronica Romney, Founder + Dream Team Architect at VeronicaRomney.com