9 Soft Skills All Successful Freelancers Need to Get Booked Out

Freelancer Digital Business Manager Bootcamp

There’s a lot of talk about technical training as a freelancer – mainly the skillsets and experience of the services you want to offer like business management, copywriting, design, and bookkeeping but what about the soft skills? We forget that soft skills – work ethic, and communication – play an equally important role in your […]

How to Send a Contract & Invoice as a Freelancer (+ 6 Free Tools)

Freelancer at work

Okay so you’ve just landed a freelance client and now you need to send a contract or invoice ASAP – first of all, congratulations to you! Sending contracts and invoices will soon become one of your favorite parts of freelancing because it means that a) you have a client and b) you’re going to get […]

5 Ways to Handle Scope Creep as a Freelancer (+ Script Template!)

“Could you actually just help me set up one extra page as well? You’re all logged in already anyway.” 🚩 SCOPE CREEP. “Actually – can you create 4 extra variations of that logo really fast? I know it’s not technically included but it’ll be fast since you already have the logo.” 🚩 SCOPE CREEP. “Sorry […]

4 Steps to Taking Time off as a Digital Business Manager

Do you struggle to take time off as a freelance Digital Business Manager? When starting to work online or in your own business, it can be tricky to figure out how to take time off as no one implements any boundaries for you the way a 9-5 company normally does. You may find yourself slipping […]

How to Cope With Burnout as a Freelance Digital Business Manager + Tips to Prevent Burnout

Brunout as a digital business manager

Are you working as a full-time Virtual Assistant, Digital Business Manager, or Freelancer for way too many clients, without taking any proper time off, having very few boundaries, often working on weekends, evenings, checking your phone, and slack all the time – feeling completely exhausted? You’re left Unmotivated. Exhausted. Frustrated. Do you lie in bed […]