The Complete Guide to Hiring a Digital Business Manager for Your Business

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Are you running your business entirely on your own?

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You manage all of the projects, handle your team’s questions, and put out the daily fires, all while trying to brainstorm new ways to make your business more effective.

Not to mention, you have to come up with that next big idea that will push the needle forward and somehow scale your business even more.

Do you ever wish you had another version of yourself in your business? 

Ya know, someone who could take ownership of higher-level tasks, talk business strategy with you, and be just as terrified pumped as you for that big launch next week? 

After working with over 30+ online business owners, I know you did not start a business to spend most of your time answering your team’s questions, delegating tasks, and creating back-end systems to automate as much as possible. 

You started a business because you have a message or a product that you NEED to share with the world.

But deep down, your gut feeling is telling you something (*cough* someone) is missing… a catalyst for actual growth in your business, not just keeping it afloat. 

Well, you are in the right place, my friend.

I want to introduce you to your missing piece – a Digital Business Manager.

For the past four years, I have been that go-to strategy-venting-planning gal for five, six, and seven-figure CEOs.

I help CEOs manage their businesses – from hiring to firing, scaling from 4 to 6 figures, and managing 0 to 1,000+ students.

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And during this time, I realized that even the most successful CEOs couldn’t (and frankly don’t want to) do it all.

They need a reliable, knowledgeable partner by their side that is ready to take on new challenges, failures, and successes with them. 

That’s why I created the Digital Business Manager Bootcamp – to train other freelancers in the same tools and skills I learned over the past four years.

So they can step up and be your next behind-the-scenes miracle worker. 

Ready to hire a digital business manager?

Our Digital Business Managers are trained in project, team, and systems management as well as digital business and finance basics through the DBM Bootcamp.

And so you can finally find your side-kick, your missing piece, and your go-to person that will spark a new light in your business.

What Is a Digital Business Manager?

A Digital Business Manager (aka DBM) is like another version of ~you~.

Comic of a CEO and DBM working at their computers

Even when an A++ team backs you, you still need that extra, higher-level support to handle the big-picture-time-consuming-essential aspects. 

Aspects like: managing your fantastic team, holding you accountable, and adding a different perspective — so all of the right virtual pieces fall into the right places. 

Hiring a Digital Business Manager gives you the space you need from the day-to-day operations, so you can focus on why you started your business in the first place, whatever that may be (#entrepreneurlife).

What Does a Digital Business Manager Do?

“A DBM does whaaaat?”

A Digital Business Manager specializes in three areas of online business: 

  1. Project Management
  2. Team Management
  3. Systems Management
venn diagram of 3 pillars of being a DBM

1. Project Management

In Project Management, a Digital Business Manager organizes and oversees all of the components in a project. 

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Whats happens when there is no project management?

  • Projects don’t get done
  • Projects don’t get done within budget
  • Projects drag out forever and ever and never get done
  • You and your team have no clarity on what is happening, or what needs to happen

And what counts as a project?

As much as I hate to be vague — pretty much everything going on in your business counts as a project that can be managed by a Digital Business Manager.

Here are a few things that a Digital Business Manager can take off your plate immediately:

  • 👩‍💻 Planning the creation of a new course
  • 🚀 Preparing for the launch of something new!
You name it, it is probably most definitely a project.
Iphone with asana checklist

The thing with projects is there always has to be someone to manage them.

Until now, that person has most likely been you – taking the digital reigns and riding into the pixelated sunset.

And because of that, you have probably definitely realized that project management is time-consuming, stressful, and tedious. 

Digital Business Managers are often lumped in with Project Managers because that is typically the first and most urgent area an online business needs. 

But what does project management look like? 

gif showing color coding files

There are two types of project management: 

  1. One-time projects
  2. Ongoing projects 

For one-time projects, tasks can look like this: 

  • ⏳ Creating cost, timeline, and risk estimations
  • 🗓️ Development and project plan the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch
  • ☎️ Liaise and host check-in calls with the team during a project

And for ongoing projects, tasks can typically look more like this: 

  • ⚙️ Help audit and maintain online courses
  • 📋 Manage the content production and output process
  • 📇 Handle PR and JV brand sponsorships 

And of course, you can combine the two to get a whirlwind of all projects managed accordingly. 

A DBM can assist with or completely take over all of these tasks, so you can sit back, relax and focus on the priority tasks that require your sole attention.

2. Team Management

Do you ever have a “how-is-it-already-3-pm-I-have-done-nothing-but-help-everyone-else” day? (wait… like every day?)

image of a business owner looking at the time

Well, here is where a DBM’s Team Management skills come into play. 

So, there are two areas of Team Management when DBMs come in clutch

  1. Hiring and training new team members 
  2. Managing current team members 

For hiring purposes, a DBM can: 

  • Develop an onboarding and training system for new team members
  • Create an application form
  • Interview potential candidates and shortlist for client 

And for long-term management, a DBM can help you with: 

  • Manage the day-to-day of a remote team
  • Run and manage an internship program 
  • Create and implement a clear communication strategy for the team 

Spending your day answering everyone’s questions, planning fun team activities, and keeping a positive team culture is easy peasy lemon squeezy a lot of extra work. 

gif of tired baby
A DBM becomes the buffer between you and your team.

They are the go-to person for questions, concerns, and what-time-is-virtual-happy-hour?

It’s not that you don’t love and appreciate every member of your team; it’s that you can’t spend hours a day helping them AND doing everything you need to do to move your business forward. 

3. Systems Management 

Let’s play a game! Have you ever: 

  • Spent 2 hours looking for 1 file 
  • Lost an important document for a customer/client
  • Explained how to do a task 10+ times to your team

Raise your hand!  

gif of hands raised

You are not alone. Every business owner does it — which is why DBMs are specially trained in systems management. 

Systems Management revolves around the automation and operations of your online business. 

It’s like all of those tedious little tasks that you have every intention of doing (~tomorrow~) but never actually get around to (because the story of my life)

“But these organizational tools aren’t even that important.” 

Until it’s too late.

*flash forward to me digging in my computer folders for an hour looking for that picture I ~swear~ I uploaded*

gif saying it's gone

Systems management includes tasks like: 

  • Creating SOP’s for a business 
  • Set up and maintain a CRM
  • Setting up automation tools (hello, BFF – Zapier) 
  • Tracking and reporting weekly/monthly metrics reports

Therefore, no more worries about “all the housekeeping you should be doing.” ????

A DBM keeps the behind-the-scenes of your business in tip-top shape, so you can get back to the main stage.

Why You Need a Digital Business Manager to Scale Your Business

The #1 reason a business needs a DBM is for scaling purposes.

Reality check – you cannot scale your business without someone else at your side.

There is only one of you! 

A DBM helps a business scale by:

  • Handling the day to day stuff so that you can focus on more significant projects that will take your business to the next level. 
  • Being super invested in your business, so they are always spotting new ways to improve it.
  • Helping with brainstorming ideas, moving on from failures, and celebrating wins (break out the virtual champagne!).

If there is one thing I learned in the past 4 years working with various CEOs from all areas and revenue levels, they all face the same mindset issues

If you feel like you are facing everything in your business alone, that’s because you most likely are.

A DBM is there to help you take on the good, the bad, the omg-why-is-this-happening-to-me-sad-tears, and the omg-I’m-a-rockstar-yay-me moments. 

Text between a CEO and DBM

👩‍💼 “It’s lonely at the top.” – CEOs

👩‍💻 “But it doesn’t have to be.” – Digital Business Managers. 

When Should You Hire a Digital Business Manager?

Is it the right time for you to hire a DBM? 

First, look at this checklist called “how to know if you need to hire a DBM.”

How To Know If You Need To Hire a DBM

  • You are ready to scale your business by hiring, but you don’t have time (or the desire) to set up and implement a hiring process.
  • You already have a small team, but you spend hours a day answering questions, explaining the same things over and over, and playing firefighter.
  • You tell yourself, “I didn’t get enough done today,” every day before you go to sleep.
  • You still can’t find that missing file. 
  • Your grand ideas are sitting in a notebook rotting away because you don’t have enough help to get things done.
  • You are tired (like who do you have to pay to get some sleep around here?) 
  • You are burnt out, and your brain is air-fried. 
  • You aren’t sure what is next for your business, and you don’t have enough time, mental space, or caffeine to figure it out. 

If you checked ANY of those boxes above, I’m happy to announce- it’s a girl boy DBM! 

gif of Dwight from the Office saying it's time
Eventually, every business owner that wants to scale their business will need a DBM.

You can only do it all if you have someone who can also do it all.

6 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Business Manager

You have an inkling that you need to hire a DBM, but realistically- what will happen to you if you do? 

Will there be any work left for you?

(And is that your dream or your nightmare?) 

gif saying debatable

There are a ton of benefits that come from hiring a DBM.

For starters, the day to day benefits: 

  • You +  a real vacation for once (- your business blowing up in your absence). 
  • You are not (I repeat, NOT) stuck in Slack and emails every second of every day. 
  • You know how to turn your big ideas into actionable plans, like for real this time. 

And the long-term benefits: 

  • Someone who can give you crucial feedback on what is working and what isn’t working in your business (from a real-life person, not Karen, who lives in your head).
  • Another perspective on how to set up systems to make your business run more smoothly. 
  • A super cool sidekick that swoops in to save the day and encourages you a little extra on the bad ones.
And the biggest +100 for benefits is that another person is just as invested in your business as you are.

The number 1 priority of a DBM is to make your life easier- so it’s time to stop facing everything alone.

Ready to hire a digital business manager?

Our Digital Business Managers are trained in project, team, and systems management as well as digital business and finance basics through the DBM Bootcamp.

Real-Life CEOs Share Their Experience With a Digital Business Manager 

❤️ Jennifer Lachs, Founder, and CEO at Digital Nomad Girls says:

“I’m almost hesitant to share this because I know everyone will want to work with Deya, but I want her all to myself, haha!

Working with Deya has completely changed how I feel about my business.

I used to feel overwhelmed and stressed 90% of the time, and now I feel excited and ready to take on new challenges.

Deya is so much more than a content and project manager, she’s my right-hand woman, and I wouldn’t want to run my business without her anymore.

She’s bright, super reliable, understands my business inside out, brings fun and passion to every task I throw at her, and executes everything beautifully without much guidance. She’s creative, always reliable, and a huge asset to DNG. You’d be crazy not to want to work with her.”

❤️ Esther Inman, CEO at Virtual Assistant Internship says:

Deya came aboard when I was struggling to breathe in my own business.

I was drowning in projects, clients, new hires, and work. I am a pretty organized and streamlined business owner, but one can only handle so much before it started stunting the business’s growth.

Since I’ve brought her on, she’s transformed our operations entirely by taking it upon herself to observe and implement new processes, give feedback on team members and projects, develop our team and client onboarding procedures and overall manage the entire day to day operations of the business so I can focus on everything else a CEO is supposed to be doing.

She is every agency owner’s dream, and I’ve referred her so much, you’ll be lucky to get a spot. Don’t wait to bring her on board.” 

How to Hire a Digital Business Manager – Step-by-Step

So, are you ready to take the next step and hire a DBM?

baby gif saying yes

First off- congrats! This is an exciting move for you and your business. 

Second- What now? 

There are two options for you: 

  1. ☎️ Contact someone from our member’s directory. 
  2. 📝 Set up a job application process

Option 1: Contact Someone From Our Member’s Directory

laptop showing how to hire a dbm page
Our Digital Business Managers are trained in project, team, systems management, and digital business and finance basics through the DBM Bootcamp.

These Digital Business Managers not only have to complete the DBM Bootcamp fully, but their Capstone Projects also have to be vetted by our Capstone Coaches.

We only grant official course completion certifications to those that have completed their projects up to our standards.

Safe to say – they’re pretty dang good at their jobs. I highly recommend anyone listed in our directory!

gif saying I love all my children equally

Option 2: Set Up a Job Application Process

If you want to widen the field, you can set up your own job application process.

Here’s a step by step how-to: 

1. Create your job application

Questions to answer in your job description: 

  • What are your company’s name and website? 
  • What tasks do you need help with? 
  • What are the hard skills (online tools and technology) required for the job?
  • What are soft skills (personality-based) required for the job? 
  • What skills does the ideal candidate possess? 
  • Is it hourly or project-based? 
  • What are some benefits of working for your company? 
  • What is your team culture like? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • Are you particular about the time zone? (If yes, what time zone are you looking for?) 
  • How to apply? 
  • Deadline to apply 

2.Create your job form (I recommend using Airtable forms!)

laptop with airtable form

Sample sections to include in your job application: 

  • Name 
  • Email 
  • Resume or Portfolio 
  • What software do you have experience with? 
  • Example pieces of relevant work (content management, hiring process, systems management, etc.!)
  • What are your top 5 favorite tasks to do? 
  • Describe your ideal team culture
  • What are your professional goals for the next 3 years? 
  • What does your work schedule typically look like? 
  • Add any additional details here! (optional)  

3.Post your job application everywhere

4.Filter applicants

Filter applicant based on your priorities – whether you’re looking for specific soft skills, years of experience or knowledge using certain platforms etc.

5.Pick your top 5 and send them a paid trial task.

A paid trial task is a great way to vet any applicants before fully committing to hiring.

Here are a couple of ideas for trial tasks: 

  • Organize a haywire Google drive folder 
  • Create a project plan for an upcoming launch 
  • Design a workflow for hiring a new team member 
  • Create a communication plan for your remote team 
  • Audit a current system and research new tools to improve it 

A paid trial task ensures that you hire somebody who takes this role seriously, and ensures that you aren’t requiring somebody to do free work – in turn showing them that you value their work and time.

6.Hire one for a trial period!

I suggest a 3 month period and then re-evaluate. 

And voila! You officially have a Digital Business Manager and now they can help you organize your business so it will reach the potential of your dreams.

You are on your way to scaling your business, taking a vacation, and finally having someone who just ~gets it~. 

gif saying you did good
Ready to hire a digital business manager?

Our Digital Business Managers are trained in project, team, and systems management as well as digital business and finance basics through the DBM Bootcamp.

If you have any other questions or concerns- you can reach out to any of our Digital Business Managers on the hire a dbm page without hesitation.

Want ALL the juicy details on how to work online as a digital business manager?

Check out my FREE intro class which goes over what exactly a digital business manager does day-to-day, how much I make as a DBM, my 5-step plan to get you started and more!

What's in this post?

Want ALL the juicy details on how to work online as a digital business manager?

Check out my FREE intro class which goes over what exactly a digital business manager does day-to-day, how much I make as a DBM, my 5-step plan to get you started and more!