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Salary Raise & Increase Email Template

Asking for a raise? EEEEK!

Don’t sweat, we’ve been there and we know it’s important! That’s why we have created an easy-to-use template that will help you ask for that increase or that salary re-evaluation. Because You’re Worth It


What’s Included?
  •  1x Salary Increase Template (Google Doc Format)
  • 1x Salary Re-Evaluation Template (Google Doc Format)
  •  1x Salary Increase Template (Google Doc Format)
  • 1x Salary Re-Evaluation Template (Google Doc Format)

When do I get access?

Almost immediately! Once you complete your purchase, you will get an email with the log-in information to access the template.


How long do I have access to this?

How about forever? Lifetime access is included. 


Can’t I find this information online for free?

Yes, of course, you can!

You can find everything online nowadays; you can probably find everything you need to know about asking for a salary increase or re-evaluation online if you want to spend hours down the google rabbit hole. 

But I created this template for those of you that want to save time and ask for that salary raise today!

You’re ready to skip the uncertainty, the back-and-forth, the hesitation – and go straight to getting it done.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

We do not offer a refund policy for this product. Since you get immediate access to everything upon purchase, I can’t offer refunds.

Virtual Assistants, Digital Business Managers, Freelancers – Anyone who works in an online role with clients either hourly or on retainer, this template will help you put into words the salary raise you have been waiting for.

We’ve all been there! Asking for a salary raise is not easy and often times more awkward than it needs to be! We’ve got your back, we have created a template that will help you compile an effective email asking for that much-deserved salary increase.