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What the day-to-day looks like as a digital business manager

Gain all the clarity on: What is a digital business manager?

What does a DBM ~actually~ do for an online business? 

How is being a DBM different from other online jobs, such as Virtual Assistants, COO, Integrators, etc.?

8 traits that make a stellar DBM & whether you've got them

If you are wondering, “Would I be a good outstanding DBM? Is this path right for me?”

You’re in the right place – I am sharing 8 crystal clear signs that you would make a great DBM…

Plus, 6 signs you could already be a DBM in disguise, without the salary to match.

Your 3-ingredient checklist to transition into a dbm

Whether you are starting from scratch in the online world, already have some managerial experience from the ole’ 9-5, or making the leap from a junior online position…

I have a path specifically designed for your personal journey into becoming a DBM with a matching checklist (to-do list lovers, unite!).

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about your teacher

Heya, I’m Deya!

I’m a Digital Business Manager and have been working online for over 4 years now alongside 6 and 7 figure digital entrepreneurs.

I’ve worked on projects big and small, ranging from launching multi-6-figure online courses, virtual summits with 20+ high-level guest experts, wholesome membership sites, as well as overseeing outstanding remote teams and creating scalable systems, colorful workflows and SOPs upon SOPs.

Now, I would love to help you do the same.

what a few of my incredible clients have to say:

“Deya is the most important asset on my team. She literally runs most of the business now including hiring and team management, strategy, project management, and high-end content management.

My business wouldn’t be where it is without her and I am so thankful for the perspective, support and care she provides every day!”

Esther Inman
Founder & CEO at Virtual Assistant Internship

“Deya is an absolutely essential part of what makes my business successful. Trustworthy, efficient, and professional she handles anything I pass her way with ease and grace. 

I seriously cannot say enough great things about how amazing and helpful Deya has been to work with.”

Adam Erhart
Digital Marketing Strategist

“Deya is an excellent team member for any online business. She’s helped out in almost all aspects including day-to-day program management, content management, and client care. 

She’s the hummingbird that every team needs – buzzing around, getting things done!”

Elise Darma
Founder & CEO at EliseDarma.com & Canupy

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