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Let the Digital Business Manager Bootcamp help you get the more that you deserve.

The DBM Bootcamp is an 8-12 week Bootcamp that trains you to plan &  manage digital projects, run remote teams, optimize business systems and scale digital businesses alongside entrepreneurs and business owners.

You've already made up your mind:
You want to make great money doing what you love.

But you have just a few, quick questions...

~ Totally asking for a friend. ~

☝️ Is working more and more (and more… and more…) hours really the best way or the only way to make more money online?

☝️ Is setting early morning alarms, doing the same boring tasks, trying to climb that ladder, anxiety every Sunday night, rinse and repeat – what life is about?

☝️ Isn’t there a way to grow professionally whilst still being able to live your best life, make fantastic $, spend time with friends & family, and have a few rad hobbies?

☝️ Also… how exactly do you move up from your current role without the technical training for where you want to go? (Anybody have a system or a step-bystep cheatsheet for this?)

Sound a bit familiar?

This was #relatable for me just a few years ago.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, was mayor of the "I want more" village, my friend.

Back in 2016, my ‘dream life’ had turned a little a lot nightmare-ish.

I had plateaued at work, hit my glass ceiling of potential income for the next 2-3 years, and was constantly staring out the window wondering what I was missing.

How was everyone else hitting those flashy $5K+ months while doing something they loved AND while having full freedom? What voodoo magic were they using? 

All I wanted was: freedom, passion for my work AND $$$.

Was I REALLY asking for too much? Was I being too greedy? Was it a “pick only 2 out of 3” type of multiple choice question?

I was stuck in a labyrinth. Mentally and physically, drowning in the “I want more out of life” quicksand. 

Real life gif of me in 2016

And it took some time, good ol' trial and error, and a whole lot of late nights but finally:

I created an online role that clients were demanding from me...

and that also ticked all the boxes I needed it to:

This mysterious role I created?

3 words.

Digital. Business. Manager.

Picture this...

You, sitting side by side (virtually) to 6 and 7 figure CEO’s, project planning and strategizing for upcoming digital products and services while sharing your amazing ideas.

You, scaling your income 3x by incorporating higher-level skills like management and strategy work into your online services.

You, finally having your precious time back to yourself to _________ (fill in the blank with your hobbies, family, friends, cats, dogs or anything else you want time for!)

You, feeling completely fulfilled professionally and personally.

You, having it all as a Digital Business Manager.


Real talk? Becoming a DBM has:

So... are you ready for a career with...

excitement and diversity, higher-level creative projects AND unimaginable income growth & learning potential?

the DBM Bootcamp

The Digital Business Manager Bootcamp is an 8-12 week step-by-step training that takes you through all of the technical skills of working as a DBM, such as project, team and systems management.

Plus, breaks down what it takes to work successfully online as a DBM and how to find, land and keep your amazing clients.

What we cover in the DBM Bootcamp...

Module 0: Orientation

First things first – we will get you situated in this bootcamp, discuss what we’re going to cover in the coming weeks plus some of my top tips to ensure that you are successful on this action-packed new journey.

Module 1: DBM Basics & Managing Yourself

Learn what exactly a DBM is, does & your value in a business, plus the DBM Mindset that’s essential to your success as a manager, my top personal organizational systems to help you get organized ASAP, and more.

Module 2: Digital Business 101

Get a sneak peek into the behind-the-scenes of the digital business world, how digital businesses make $$$ through sales funnels, what really makes for successful marketing & sales strategies, and more.

Module 3: Project Management

Welcome to the first big core DBM skill! You will learn what exactly “project management” is and what it has to do with you as a DBM, how to project manage even the most complicated projects step-by-step as well as how to monitor, direct and guarantee successful projects for your clients, and more

module 4: team management

You’ll find out how to become not just a good manager, but an exceptional manager and leader that your team raves about. Plus, you’ll learn how to handle tricky conversations when stakes and emotions are high as well as how to hire, interview, onboard, and train superstars for clients, how to help remote teams bond, and more.

module 5: systems & operations management

Dive into what “SOPs” are & why they are crucial for businesses that want to scale to 6, 7 or 8 figures, how to set up magical automations for a business, how to finally understand “data” and what data you actually need to know to help business make or save money, and more.

module 6: finance basics

Familiarize yourself with what $$$ terms you really need to know as a DBM, get a crash course into finances for small businesses, how to set up a budget that everyone can adhere to, and more.

module 7: setting up shop, applying & landing jobs

It’s time! We’re setting up shop and pitching our digital tents. You’ll learn how to get going with selling your packages & services ASAP, how to create your money-making client funnels, the optimized system for how I pitch, apply and interview, and more.

module 8: making it official & working with clients​

Grab all my top tips and tricks to ensure happy client relationships, plus learn what to do when things go wrong and how to fix it, how to ask for more money $$$ and testimonials, and more. Plus… you’ll find a graduation party in this lesson, too!

Ready for that much-deserved promotion?

time to be the best boss you've never had.

Plus, Be 100% in charge of what you work on, where you work on it, when you work on it and how you work on it.

what DBM Bootcamp students have said :

Meet Alison

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I landed a client at $50/hr before I even finished the course. It is worth every penny and a thousand times more."

“Before the DBM Bootcamp, I was a Virtual Assistant struggling to get those higher-paying jobs and was capping out at about $25/hr. I really felt like I was worth more.

And actually, before I even finished the DBM Bootcamp, I had signed 2 brand new clients – one client at 2x the rate that I was making before!

My favorite aspects of the DBM Bootcamp was the Team Management module; the capstone project that I created for that module actually landed me one of my DBM clients. I also LOVED creating SOPs that are actually usable. Most SOPs for companies that I’ve seen aren’t that great, but Deya’s SOP templates are bomb.

Would I recommend this Bootcamp to others? Heck yes, I would. It is worth every penny and a thousand times more. 

If you want to learn from the best, sign up for the Bootcamp and get ready to level up in ways you never thought possible.”

Meet Lauryn

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I'm only at Module 5 and one of my clients has already increased my hours because she wanted me to do DBM work for her with my new skills."

“When I got the email that Deya was opening up the Bootcamp, I took out my card straight away and paid because I knew that if Deya was doing a course, I wanted to be a part of it. And she knocked my expectations out of the ballpark.

The Bootcamp is super comprehensive, concise, interesting, fun.

I love the capstone projects that you get to do so that you can take all the technical skills that she’s taught in the modules and, create a lifelike project that you can add to your portfolio.

The Bootcamp is completely holistic in the sense that she teaches the technical skills, but with the soft skills too, which is vital to being a great DBM, how to create a great team culture that’s productive and has fun, but still gets the work done.

She gives you real-life examples of what you might encounter as a DBM and how to handle it. And she allows you to look inside yourself and find, you know, what your weaknesses are and use them as strengths as a DBM.

I would completely recommend this Bootcamp to anyone who’s thinking about going down this path. It’s worth every single cent. 

I had Tier 3 of the Bootcamp, and it’s completely worth the money. The course itself alone is a gem. The resources and templates that you get are just incredible. It’s going to save you so much time, and it really gives you that step up when you are starting your DBM business. 

Anyone who’s ever gotten feedback from Deya knows that it’s worth its weight in gold. Having that aspect of mentorship and coaching within an online course is really vital to your growth, so I highly recommend getting Tier 3 if you can.

This is definitely the course for you if you are looking to become a digital business manager.”

Meet RoseAnn

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"Too often you tend to find courses either online or in college that are really fluffy or have no practical value. Your course is relevant, it's authentic and it is designed to practically educate your students and get them working. Your value is concrete. It's measurable, it's specific.

The value is truly undeniable for those prices."

“I have been in corporate for about 12 years as a Project Manager & Data Analyst. My main struggle prior to the Bootcamp was what to do next. Corporate only has a few more years left for me, plus we’re going through rounds of layoffs and I’d like to be prepared should my name come up.

Plus, I’m getting older. I don’t want to necessarily work for someone else anymore. I’d really like to be able to earn a good wage while working remotely and take care of my mom who has Alzheimer’s.

I really have to say it’s been excellent learning so far. First of all, just concepts that I was already familiar with, but I’ve forgotten and moved from over time were brought back to me. I’ve been taking my learnings from your project management course.

In doing just your course, I’ve seen different ways of communication that I’ve been implementing with the teams I work with, too.

The real world information that you’ve put into your course content has made all the difference. When I can see a practical application, it just makes me want to continue the course.

So – would you recommend this boot camp to others? YES. And is it worth the cost? YES. The value is truly undeniable for those prices.”

This Bootcamp comes with:

8 Modules and 100+ step-by-step Video Course Content covering the 3 major pillars to working as a DBM: Project Management, Team Management, and Systems Management.

These come with in-depth explanations, examples, and homework to build the necessary hard and soft skills of small business management.

Practical & Portfolio-Ready Assignments & Capstone Projects for you to create your DBM Portfolio with.

We cover everything from which tools to use, how to break down ideas, the best ways to spark communication in your remote teams, to pricing and packaging your services as a DBM.


Bonuses to boost your confidence and enhance your skillset throughout this journey

These bonuses include digital toolkits of 100+ DBM terms & 100+ DBM tools that come in handy, pricing calculators, and templates for everything from project proposals to portfolios.

DBM Bootcamp has limited monthly spots for new students.


spots left

To properly take care of our students and ensure they’re being treated like the special people that they are (<3), we limit our monthly intake for the Bootcamp. These spots reset at the start of every month on the 1st! So if we’re out of spots for this month, bookmark this page and check back on the 1st of the next month. We’d love to have you!

Join the waitlist to get a spot next month!

Ready to be a Digital Business Manager?

Pick a Tier depending on what level of support and resources you’d like!

tier 1

$ 497 One Time Payment
Or... Payment Plans Starting at $97/mo
  • Unlimited access to 8 modules of video course training and 100+ video lessons
  • Access to Lite Course Bonuses

tier 2

$ 597 One Time Payment
Or... Payment Plans Starting at $127/mo
  • Everything in Tier 1, plus...
  • 3 months of 24/7 access to our private Slack community for students
  • Unlimited access to the DBM Templates & Resource Bank which comes with 30+ ready-made templates and goodies!

Tier 3

$ 797 One Time Payment
Or... Payment Plans Starting at $167/mo
  • Everything in Tier 1 & 2, plus...
  • 6 Months' Access to Individual feedback for Your Capstone Projects
  • Certificates for each main technical skill - Project Management, Team Management & Systems Management
  • Final DBM Certificate showing successful course completion + badge
  • Listed in our DBM Members Directory upon successful completion of course

here's what's included in each Tier in more detail:

8 Modules of Video Course Content

Included in Tier 1 - 3

When you join Tier 1 – 3, you get access to the main DBM Bootcamp curriculum where you will receive one module per week dripped out to you. You will get access in total  to 8 modules and 100+ lessons of comprehensive, in-depth training into the essential skills for a DBM, plus checklists for every module!

10+ Lite Course Bonuses

Included in Tier 1 - 3

In Tier 1 – 3, you’ll also get access to 10+ lite course bonuses. This includes things like a Cost Estimation Calculator, Project Proposal Templates, Custom Min. Hourly Rate Calculator, Your DBM Toolkit of 100+ Tools, Your Digital Business Dictionary of 100+ Terms to Know, SOP Template, 50+ Spots to Find Online Jobs and much more.

Exercises & Capstone Projects

Included in Tier 1 - 3

In Tier 1  – 3, you’ll find walkthroughs for key DBM tools, screen-share examples, and exercises scattered throughout the Bootcamp as well as 3 main Capstone projects for the Project, Team and Systems Management modules. These are perfect for crafting your DBM Portfolio to show clients you know exactly what you’re doing!

Private Slack Community

Included in Tier 2 - 3

When you join Tier 2 or 3, you get 3 months of 24/7 access to our private and exclusive Slack community. Here, students share tips, tricks, jobs and homework for community feedback! We also hold each other accountable and encourage each other as we all set off on this brand new journey.

DBM Resource Bank​

Included in Tier 2 - 3

The DBM Resource Bank contains over 30+ swipe-files, ready-made project plans and email templates that are specifically designed for digital businesses and DBMs. When you join Tier 2 or 3, you get immediate and unlimited access to this Resource Bank and all the assets within it to use for your new work.

1:1 Feedback for Capstone Projects

Included in Tier 3

When you join Tier 3, you can submit your 3 capstone projects for the Project Management, Team Management and Systems Management modules to our Capstone Coaches who will get you 1:1 feedback on your submissions and recommend areas of improvement!

Course Completion Certificates & Badge

Included in Tier 3

Alongside feedback from our Capstone Coaches, you’ll also get a certificate for each capstone you pass and you will receive a final DBM course completion certificate upon successful completion of this course. Plus, you will be listed in our DBM Members’ directory on the website! 🙂

what more DBM Bootcamp students have said:

Meet Anabell

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I honestly believe that this course is worth way more than these humble prices. And I got my first client during the course, which already returned my investment!"

“I wanted to join this course because Deya has incredible knowledge and she has the gift to provide it in a very cohesive way because she’s very detail oriented and is still able to make it easy to understand because there’s a whole lot of content that is being provided. 

It was quite simple to make the decision to join the course. And it has exceeded my expectations by far, even when I already knew about her work prior to taking the course. It has helped me grow my confidence to pitch my knowledge to business owners. And during these conversations, I realized that every single thing that we are learning in this course is needed in every single business today. 

My absolute first favorite thing of the bootcamp was the amazing support that we get from our co-students and also from Deya. And the second favorite thing is all the bonuses and templates that we get alone. This is already worth the entire course. Seriously. 

I urge you to take this course if you are looking for a one-stop-shop containing not only very detailed content but also support and actionable steps that are going to excel your confidence and make you an indispensable asset in a business. 

I honestly believe that this course is worth way more than these humble prices. Seriously. So it’s a no brainer to take this course, period.

Meet Georgia

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I would absolutely recommend this course. It is such an incredible package of everything you need to know to become a digital business manager.

I have also negotiated a pay rise directly as a result of the skills I’ve gained from the DBM Bootcamp, with another salary review in 6 months."

“Before taking the DBM Bootcamp, I had been working as a virtual assistant for just over a year. I was booked out and couldn’t work more hours, so my income had plateaued.

When I found Deya’s DBM Bootcamp, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I had worked with Deya before, so I knew what an organisational genius and incredible team leader she is. I knew that I wanted to download all of her knowledge and wisdom right into my brain.

I wanted to level up, develop more advanced skills, and earn more money so I could spend more time with my family. But I didn’t know how to do that until I found the DBM Bootcamp. It was a no-brainer to take the course!

From this course, I have a much deeper understanding of project management and systems management. I have been working on higher-level work with my clients, including strategizing sales funnels and then managing these projects for them from start to finish.

But most importantly, my biggest takeaway from the course is the huge boost in my self-confidence and mindset. Before taking the course, I had never imagined myself in a leadership role, but now I know that I can do this.

The DBM Bootcamp is outstanding value for money and Deya is such an inspiring leader who supports you along every step of the course.

The information, practical experience, resources, and feedback are priceless. There is everything you need included and at a fraction of the cost of similar courses on the market. This is a fantastic bargain and well worth the investment. With all the skills you learn during this course, you are set up for an exciting, well-paid career, so the investment will pay for itself many times over.”

Samantha W.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I recently got hired on as a Content Manager for a $1K monthly retainer, which is exactly what I wanted to do before this course."

Before this course, I was chugging along as a Virtual Assistant, but I wasn’t feeling super inspired about where it could take me in the long run.

I knew when I started working online, I wanted to be involved in higher level work, such as strategy, brainstorming, and collaborating with a CEO, but I had NO IDEA how to get there! I just figured everyone figured it out themselves, and got there eventually (like years later). 

But I am impatient – I didn’t want to wait years, I wanted to level up and learn as soon as I could, but did not find any resources to help.

When I met Deya while doing an internship, I knew she was doing exactly the higher level work I wanted to do in my future dreamland. So when she dropped her course – it was a no brainer! I signed up immediately because I knew that Deya’s knowledge jammed packed into a course was going to change my online path (and I was right!).

I recently got hired on as a Content Manager, for a $1K monthly retainer, which is exactly what I wanted to do before this course. I have been able to apply my new knowledge with project and systems management to all of my clients. This has already saved me so much time & energy. 

For another client, I will be transitioning to a management role for her new agency soon. Besides that, the biggest thing I have gained from this course so far is my confidence with my current clients. I feel like I am more vocal about my ideas and suggestions, and I have been getting great feedback from all of my clients about how great my work is.

The resource bank is TO DIE FOR. Like, I would’ve paid $500 just for that. It has everything you could possibly need when working online. Whether you are just starting out, transitioning into, or experienced in management world, it has something useful for you.

Would I recommend this course? Absolutely! I think this is the perfect course for anyone who has been working online and feels stuck. It is the perfect kickstart to leveling up and provides everything you could ever need to make it happen.

This course is easily worth the investment. There is no other course out there with this kind of comprehensive knowledge, step by step guidance, resources, and community – especially at this price point. Personally, I don’t want to take 3 years to figure it all out myself when I can learn exactly what I need to do in less than 3 months from someone who has been there.”

After this Bootcamp...

You’ll be qualified to work as a manager of digital businesses.

That looks like:

what more DBM Bootcamp students have said :

Ashley N.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"Before finishing the Bootcamp, I landed 3 new clients! I have more than made back my investment and am on track to increase my monthly income by 3x this month alone."

“Before finding Deya’s DBM Bootcamp, I was asking myself, “What’s next?”. I knew I was ready to pivot my career and move into a fully digital space but I was struggling to figure out exactly what that looked like. 

My previous role was a hybrid of remote and in-person management. I wanted the freedom to take my work with me wherever I decided to go in the world. 

The DBM Bootcamp gave me the GPS coordinates to my new destination: becoming an Official Digital Business Manager. She even gives you the road snacks, the best mix-tape to jam to, and her team is AAA driving alongside you in case you need help or just a confidence boost. 

Through the Capstone projects and feedback from Deya’s team I was able to create a stellar portfolio. She teaches you exactly how to pitch to clients, provides the templates and encourages you through the process. My confidence skyrocketed when I saw how impressed potential clients were with my pitches and portfolio.

One of my favorite things about the Bootcamp is how comprehensive the content is and the way Deya delivers it clearly and professionally. She teaches in a tangible way giving real-life examples and offering her personal experiences, struggles and success. She is relatable, fun, and I learned more in the Bootcamp than I did in my first year at University. 

My next favorite Bootcamp experience was with our Slack group. Such an intelligent, helpful, kind and encouraging group of women. We have become friends and enjoy running ideas by each other, offering feedback and sharing industry advice.

Jump in – I know you’re curious! You won’t regret it one bit. And yes, it’s totally worth the investment. I highly recommend this course to not only those looking to make a living as a DBM but also to anyone who is an entrepreneur or runs a small business. 

You will learn how to optimize your business for success. The confidence you gain, the community of support, the resource bank, the practical learning through Capstone projects – it all completely prepares you to take your existing business skills to the next level. 

The time is now. In our current world climate, the demand for managers and team leaders who understand the online space increases exponentially every single day. Deya’s Digital Business Manager Bootcamp gives you everything you need to succeed in the digital business world.

I used the completed projects as portfolio samples and entrepreneurs are crawling into my lap! There are businesses who need our services as DBM’s right now and the Tier 3 Capstone projects 100% prepare you, guide you, and give you the confidence to land clients.

Melanie R.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"Is DBM Bootcamp worth the investment? Yes, it’s worth it. I’d even dare say: raise the prices a little."

“Before this course, I was stuck working in customer support, filling in surveys, and researching the internet for hours trying to find a decent paying remote job, but most importantly, a fulfilling remote job. Filling in 100 surveys for $1 wasn’t fulfilling to me!

When I saw this course for sale, I signed up straight away. I have seen Deya’s work with other businesses and I wanted to do the same work as her!

From this course, I now have a great understanding of how to help digitize physical businesses into online/remote businesses, and how to take off the many tasks of someone’s plate so they free up their time.

Deya took the things that looked so difficult and overwhelming and changed them into something manageable and easy to understand. I still remember how some things just clicked! I’m no longer scared of Zapier!

This course is extremely detailed, gives you everything you need to hit the ground running (templates) and a helpful and safe Slack community.”

Adele B.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone who wants to step up their business skills.

I wish I had found this course earlier, before buying other courses that were never quite right… There is absolutely all I needed in this bootcamp."

“Before this course, it felt like I was running around trying to learn bits and pieces wherever I could. I felt lost and overwhelmed. I was especially stressed out about getting my first client and applying for my first job. Imposter syndrome and lack of guidance kept getting in my way.

I had the chance to meet Deya in person a while ago and I was very impressed. She is one of the smartest and most successful people I know, while also being super humble and friendly. A very rare and precious combination. I just knew I HAD to take this course!

Now that I’ve taken the Bootcamp, I have no doubt about my capacity to land clients in the next few weeks! There is no need to wait for the end of the course to see great results. 

As soon as I finished modules, I started applying my new knowledge to my partner’s side project. The difference is e-nor-mous! In just a week, he went from working on it haphazardly and guessing more or less when things would be done to a full fledged roadmap and a clear vision. After a month of me working with him, he went from having a work-in-progress, vaguely defined prototype to having a solid strategy and being on tracks to create an awesome product. 

I can’t wait to bring this, and more, to my own clients!

One other thing I absolutely loved is… the bonuses! So many great templates! They were so carefully put together, and there is everything you need to get started. You can’t make it much easier for the students to get started!

This bootcamp is absolutely worth every cent. And I would definitely recommend Tier 3, especially if you’re serious about becoming a DBM. Having Deya and her team’s 1 on 1 feedback was invaluable, and you also get to be listed in the Member’s directory which will be worth actual gold as soon as you get started!”

Use me as your jumping board.

Take all my experience and training from the past 4 years, skip the trial and error and just get started now.

about your teacher

Heya, I’m Deya!

I’m a Digital Business Manager and have been working online alongside 6 and 7 figure digital entrepreneurs for the past 4 years now.

I’ve worked on projects big and small, ranging from launching multi-6-figure online courses, virtual summits with 20+ high tier guest experts, bumbling membership sites, as well as overseeing remote teams from all over the globe and building scalable systems, colorful workflows and SOPs upon SOPs.

Now, I would love to help you do the same.

Collage of Deya

as seen on...

here are some of the incredible clients I’ve worked with:

nice things my amazing clients have said about me:

“I’m almost hesitant to share this because I know everyone will want to work with Deya but I want her all to myself, haha! Working with Deya has completely changed how I feel about my business. I used to feel overwhelmed and stressed 90% of the time and now I feel excited and ready to take on new challenges. Deya is so much more than a content and project manager, she’s my right hand woman and I wouldn’t want to run my business without her anymore. She’s bright, super reliable, understands my business inside out, brings fun and passion to every task I throw at her and executes everything beautifully without much guidance. She’s creative, always reliable and a huge asset to DNG. You’d be crazy not to want to work with her.”

Jennifer Lachs

Founder & CEO at Digital Nomad Girls

“There are few people you come across in life who just get it. They know what you’re trying to say, they know how to get it done for you and then, they take action immediately. That’s Deya. She is one of the most talented, organized, efficient, capable, respectable people I have ever worked with and I hope we never stop working together! Not only is she always on top of things, but she is always a joy to work with, making light of situations and getting to know you as a person behind the business tasks as well. I highly recommend Deya for any position! You won’t be disappointed.”

Morgan de Klerk

Founder & CEO at Master Your Finances

“Deya came aboard when I was struggling to breathe in my own business. I was drowning in projects, clients, new hires, and work. I am a pretty organized and streamlined business owner but one can only handle so much before it started stunting the growth of the business. Since I’ve brought her on, she’s transformed our operations entirely by taking it upon herself to observe and implement new processes, give feedback on team members and projects, develop our team and client onboarding procedures and overall manage the entire day to day operations of the business so I can focus on everything else a CEO is supposed to be doing. She is every agency owner’s dream, and I’ve referred her so much, you’ll be lucky to get a spot. Don’t wait to bring her on board.” 

Esther Inman

Founder & CEO at Virtual Assistant Internship

“Working with Deya has been amazing! She is an amazing asset to our team – massively improved our team communication, helped us complete more projects than we have before, supported the team in getting tasks done on time + she is an amazing creative.

Taylor Lee
Online Coach at The Taylor Lee

“Deya is an absolutely essential part of what makes my business successful. Trustworthy, efficient, and professional she handles anything I pass her way with ease and grace. I seriously cannot say enough great things about how amazing and helpful Deya has been to work with.”

Adam Erhart
Digital Marketing Strategist & Founder

“Deya is an excellent team member for any online business. She’s helped out in almost all aspects including day-to-day program management, content management, and client care. She’s the hummingbird that every team needs – buzzing around, getting things done!

Elise Darma
Founder & CEO at & Canupy

Why I Created the DBM Bootcamp

To me, life is about finding the things – big and small – that make you step back and say “wow, this is IT.”

Ya know, “it” – that fulfilling feeling you get when you give your all to something, and come out on top, despite all the little roadblocks in the way. 

This “it” feeling is the reason I created DBM Bootcamp. 

I built my dream job, and along with that, came my dream life, like getting two cookies when you only ordered one. (The best, right??) And I want everyone to know they can do the EXACT same thing that I did.

DBM Bootcamp could be the next step in your fulfillment ladder. It can be the solution to your ‘stuck.’ 

Stepping into that DBM role, I found that my potential had always been there knocking, I just had to open the door and let it in. 

So… here it is. Your potential is knocking. Ready to let it in?

Frequently Asked Questions

DBM Bootcamp has limited monthly spots for new students.


spots left

To properly take care of our students and ensure they’re being treated like the special people that they are (<3), we limit our monthly intake for the Bootcamp. These spots reset at the start of every month on the 1st! So if we’re out of spots for this month, bookmark this page and check back on the 1st of the next month. We’d love to have you!

Join the waitlist to get a spot next month!

So down to the wire.

I love a good ol’ checklist. 

Here’s a final parting “Are you a good fit for the DBM Bootcamp?” checklist for you!

P.S. If you love checklists… oh, there is a LOT more where that came from in the Bootcamp.

I can’t wait to meet you inside the Bootcamp!

P.S. If you still want a little more inspiration and to hear it straight from other DBM Students… I included a few more testimonials below!

Jite E.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"Is this course worth the investment? That’s an easy yes, It’s worth every dollar. Each module is carefully put together, packed with so much value that is worth your investment in dollars and time."

“Before this course, I had trained to be a virtual assistant and was trying to figure out what my service offering would be. I had a few things I liked to do, but sought to understand more about online businesses and how I could offer more value.

I loved the idea of experiencing first hand how all the aspects of a digital business come together, and it was even more exciting to me to get skills that would make me indispensable in a business.

I now have a great understanding of what it takes to successfully run a digital business step by step, I have the confidence that I’d be able to bring value and growth to any digital business I am a part of.

Deya has a distinctive way of communication that simplifies the most complicated things.

The exercises and capstone projects were high points for me, they made real all that was taught in the boot camp. The amazing slack community as well, like minded people who are there to support you.

Would I recommend this to others? Absolutely. It’s a worthy investment, it will transform you into a competent DBM.”

Gwen L.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I would absolutely 200% recommend this course not just to someone who wants to become a DBM, but also to anyone who runs a digital business and wants to know how to run it properly."

“Before this course, I was trying to find a  way to learn more about digital businesses and how to run them as I am a business owner myself. Understanding all the systems behind a business and how to run them is so complex. 

I joined the DBM Bootcamp because I know how amazing Deya is at what she does. She is the queen of business organization so I wanted to learn all the tricks directly from her.

This course has done wonders for my project management skills. I am not the most organized woman on the planet, and this course really helped me understand how to run a project from 0 to the end. I also learned new things in team management being a former manager myself, which means this course goes really deep.

The course price is absolutely worth it.”

Veronika M.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I would raise the price of this Bootcamp. It is so worth it!"

“I could praise this bootcamp for HOURS.

This is the best investment I’ve made, hands down, and I’m SO happy that two months ago, I decided to step up my business and to do this. I’m proud of you Deya, I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of every student in the DBM Bootcamp.

The amount of value and amount of work you have put into this – I would raise the price of this bootcamp. It is so worth it!

I can’t thank you enough for making this Bootcamp. You were such an outstanding teacher and mentor, and I’m proud to be one of the graduates.

You are changing lives and I couldn’t be more grateful. 

Stay awesome!”

Alissa M.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"I can not express how grateful I am that I decided to take this course."​

“At first, I was skeptical to take part in this Bootcamp due to previous experiences that I had with online courses. I also wasn’t sure if I was ready for it personally or whether my degree was relevant.

But now looking back, I would have totally regretted it if I had not taken this opportunity.

I learned so much from this course. Whether it is to work with a team or personal self, this course teaches you more than just techniques, it enhances the importance of having values.

As someone who doesn’t have a professional digital background, I thought that I couldn’t be a digital business manager. However, I learned and gained confidence with project management tools, core values, being strategic and my favorite, building systems! And not to mention the amount of practice I got from the Bootcamp in a short amount of time.

I would definitely recommend the Bootcamp.

I doubted myself because of my “no experience” situation. But trust me: this course will give you all the tools, techniques, skills and support necessary to succeed.”

Angie H.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"This course was honestly a lifesaver for me! I was feeling lost about how to get to the next step I knew I wanted to be at but couldn’t find the map to get there. You provided the map I so desperately needed to advance my online career and I am so thankful to be part of the DBM network."

“Before I discovered the DBM bootcamp, I was struggling to figure out how to learn all the things I wanted to offer for services regarding Project Management and Systems & Processes in an easy packaged offering. I knew what I was looking for, but I couldn’t find anyone offering courses online that fit my needs as a freelancer already servicing clients. 

Then low and behold, I found Deya.

As soon as I saw her offering the idea of how to roadmap my way to even something similar to what she does, I was sold!

I saw the outline for the DBM Bootcamp course and a light bulb went off. YES!!! OMG – this is EXACTLY what I’ve been trying to figure out how to learn!

Now, after taking the DBM Bootcamp course, I feel so inspired and prepared and confident to move in the right direction of everything I want to position myself as an online service provider!

I cannot express enough how much clarity and confidence the course has provided me. I knew I needed the next step in my entrepreneurial journey but didn’t want to step into exorbitantly priced coaching just yet. I’m a lifelong learner at heart so this course was the perfect bridge to help get me to the next level to upskill with confidence.

Having the course saved me so much time from having to put all the pieces of being a strategic partner for a business owner in place where NOW I have the all the tools and information needed to be successful all nicely put together in one package of GOLD provided by Deya with the DBM Bootcamp course. It’s so insanely valuable. Especially with all the resources and templates and support group and communication channels, etc!

I absolutely recommend this course! Especially to VAs or freelancers interested in more strategy roles and looking to take on a partnership or consultant type of role with their clients. 

If you’re hungry for more knowledge, feast on the DBM Bootcamp! It was definitely the bridge I needed to step into my full confidence.”

Samantha G.

DBM Bootcamp Alumni
"The amount of valuable condensed knowledge that would have taken me many more months if not years to master."

“I am a solopreneur and before this course, my business was lacking the correct systems to make it run smoothly. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of things to do that I kept procrastinating and not putting anything in motion. 

I had a general understanding of online business tools that could help me but I never knew their full benefits and how they could integrate with each other to simplify the workflow.

I took this course to improve the systems in  my own Startup business & I now feel mentally decluttered and focused. I was able to directly apply what I’ve learned in the course in improving my operations, deciding on a hiring structure and team expansion as well as introducing new income streams. 

I now feel inspired to help other entrepreneurs not repeat the same mistakes I made when starting or scaling a business, narrowed down my ideal client and gained the confidence to know I can be a valuable asset to their team.

The amount of valuable condensed knowledge that would have taken me many more months if not years to master. The supportive slack community which provided a much needed confidence boost.

I would absolutely recommend this Bootcamp! It is a well thought out, interactive course giving you all the necessary skills, experience & portfolio to start out as a DBM.”

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