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"Deya's DBM Bootcamp was one of THE best online courses I've gone through to level up in my career. Her teaching is clear, easy to follow, includes practical examples, and the tools she provides for you to begin your DBM business are priceless! It's always scary to jump into something new, but you'll walk away from this course with a strong foundation. Thank you, Deya!"
Anita R.
"I could praise this bootcamp for HOURS. This is the best investment, hands down and I'm SO happy that two months ago, I decided to step up my business and to do this. I'm proud of you Deya, I'm proud of myself and I'm proud of every student in the DBM Bootcamp. You are changing lives and I couldn't be more grateful. Stay awesome! <3"
Veronika M.
"Holy smokes did this bootcamp deliver! I honestly feel like a whole new woman who can walk around confidently because I know who I am and have skills in what I love to do! I can't thank you enough, Deya! Seriously. I had a feeling you were the best and I was right, you are!"
Denise B.
"Among my circle of friends, I am known as 'the course girl'...'another course Sam? how's course HQ going?'etc. I can hands down say this has been the most useful, productive & fun course I have ever taken."
Samantha G.
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