The *only* difference between you and all the amazing 6 & 7 figure online course creators out there?

They had a step-by-step project plan to turn their idea into reality.

The Online Course Project Plan: Creation Kit comes with everything you need to take your course from "Idea" --> "Ready to make $$$".

Ready to finally get your course checked off your to-do list and rake in the dough on your unique knowledge?

Time to create your best-selling online course so you can join the billion-dollar e-learning industry ASAP.

You know you should have hopped on the online course bandwagon years ago, but when it comes time to put your million-dollar idea into action, you have no clue where to begin.

I know… because I was just face down in the online course trenches, creating my own 40-hour & 100+ lessons online course.

And safe to say: creating online courses is serious w-o-r-k. 

Cat typing on laptop

* Real life footage of me Googling EVERYTHING when I first started*

I logged over 300 hours creating my own course. Yep. I time tracked it and everything.

And guess what? A big majority of that time was spent… not creating, not recording, not promoting but…

Googling. Researching. Trying to figure out what tools I needed. Trying to figure out what I needed to do first, second, third, fourth.

Google became my best friend and my worst enemy.

Look familiar?

I’d like to welcome you to the google rabbit hole called “How To Create an Online Course.”

 I have been down this exact one more times than I can count, for clients and for my personal projects. 

As much as I love spending hours on google, I knew there needed to be a more efficient method to project planning online courses that will save me (and you) loads of time, stress, and ultimately, money.

That’s why I created this entire project planning system, the Online Course Project Plan: Creation Kit, so you can skip the research-driven madness and start building your online course(s) in less time than it took me.

Imagine for a second...

Being able to create your stunning course with an actionable, detailed, comprehensive step-by-step plan that covers every little detail along the way.

Say hello to… your Online Course Creation Project Plan!

The Creation Kit is the essential step-by-step roadmap you need to take your course from an idea to fully launched without hitting the frustration research wall.

It comes with everything you need to launch your online course kit that breaks down every detail of your course idea so that you can finally turn it into a digital reality.

Skip the hours upon hours of research, tears, and unknown disasters with all the course creation resources you need to jump-start your idea into action.

So you can finally create the online course of your dreams without the endlessly long planning and over-thinking nightmares.

What ~exactly~ is included in the Online Course Creation Kit for $37?

A complete, thorough step-by-step roadmap to guide you from ‘idea’ to ‘launch’ with as little detours as possible.

Input your course details and the project plan will be generated automatically for you to use immediately!

Everything I did right and wrong in my journey. Plus, we tackle the main ingredient in this brave new journey you’re undertaking mindset.

Plus, bonus: a Habit Tracker to help you stay motivated and keep you pushing on!

The outline + tracking combination of your dreams. Quickly break down your course content with our outline and easily track your progress with the tracking template.

Plus, bonus: My Curriculum Tracker template that you can use right away to keep track of ALL your lessons and assets!

No more wondering which tools you need to host your course, host your videos, take payment from students, or any of that stuff!

The ToolKit comes with 30+ tools and all the information about any software and online tools you will need to make this a reality. No research hangover necessary.

Adjust the slides with your colors and fonts, add your content in and get recording. Easy Peasy. 

No need to go scouring for slide templates or create your own. 3 different slide templates in 3 different styles of branding are ready to go for you!

Do you need to hire? Who should you hire? How much should you pay? What can they help with?

All of these “Should I” and “Could I” questions are answered in our Bonus Team Cheatsheet for Online Course Creators!

Before we dive into building a full course, we have to be sure that there is enough market demand to justify our work! 

So, if you haven’t validated your course idea yet – don’t worry. I have a checklist of items that will help you do just that!


How Will the Online Course Project Plan: Creation Kit Make My Life Easier?

Let’s break it down, project planning style.  

Stop spending hours googling ‘How To Create an Online Course,’ ‘Best Platforms To Host Online Courses,’ and ‘Payment Processing For Online Courses’ (my personal least favorite subject!).

What Students Say…

– Megha K.

“The Online Course Kit is the ultimate step-by-step guide to creating your own online course. It’s power-packed with clear, concise and purposeful content (and comes with a kick in the butt that you may need to get started… lol). What I loved the most are the golden nuggets of mindset teachings that Deya has weaved throughout the course. 

I highly recommend signing up for the Online Course Kit if creating an online course is anywhere on your current (or future) to-do list. I can’t wait to apply these strategies to create my own course!”

“If you’ve been dreaming of creating an online course but don’t know where to start, you need to buy Deya’s Online Course Project Plan! It’s an incredible package of everything you need to not only plan out your online course, but bring it to life and launch it successfully. 

Other similar courses or products I’ve seen about online course creation have been much more vague, but Deya breaks it down step-by-step so that making your online course is achievable and enjoyable. Deya goes into incredible detail and shares all the knowledge she’s built up from launching her own courses and working on 6 and 7-figure courses for clients. This is a gold mine of information and it comes packed with loads of amazing bonus resources to give you a head start and all the support you need to make your course come to life. 

You’ll save hundreds of hours researching and planning. It is outstanding value for money. I’d happily pay this price for any of the resources alone, so having them all together in one amazing package makes this a no-brainer. This is the simplest and most stress-free way to create an online course and I’ll be recommending it to all my clients! If you’ve been procrastinating making your online course, buy the Online Course Project Plan today. It will be the best investment you make for your business.”

– Georgia H.

– RoseAnn O.

“So you want to create an online course but don’t know where to start? Just bring your content – Deya does the rest for you! The Course Creation Kit is a complete blueprint that literally ANYONE can follow to bring their course to life. Her guidance and thoughtful approach are evident throughout – from the in-depth behind the scenes view of her own journey in course creation to the templates she provides so that you directly benefit from her experience. 

My favorite? The Online Course Project Plan Generator – all you need to do is answer a few questions and you receive a step by step thoroughly detailed outline to create your course. Now you can get to work! Plus the pricing for what she provides is an extraordinary value. I’ve paid more for one course that offered one template – when I saw what Deya’s courses include my first thought was that she needs to raise her prices. You might want to buy these before she does!”

Bring your idea

Let the Online Course Project Plan: Creation Kit handle the rest. 

It comes with all essential ingredients you need to make it actionable and turn it into an online course reality for only $37.

Heya, I’m Deya!

I am a digital business manager and project-planner extraordinaire by day and course creator junkie by night. For the past 4 years, I assisted multiple 6- and 7 figure entrepreneurs in creating, launching, and promoting their best-selling 6-7 figure online courses.  

Alongside client work, I also took all of my course creation knowledge and launched my own online courses with my partner. We built our own 6-figure e-learning business from scratch, which now has 5+ courses & over 22K students online.

Most recently, I also created a course of my own (a 100+ lesson & 40-hour monster) Bootcamp. My brand new baby course has grossed over $120,000 in its first 6 months.

I took everything I learned about creating online courses, from mapping out the content to designing the big countdown clock and stuffed in all in this easy-to-use kit so you can *finally* turn your online course dreams into a reality. 

As seen on...

Why Create an Online Course Now?

Here’s the deal: The e-learning industry is projected to be worth $325 BILLION in 2025.

Now is your chance. Now is the right time.

Now is the time to get in while you still can – before anyone else realizes this is where we’re headed.

And here’s the other deal: “An idea without a plan is just a dream.”

You don’t want to miss out on a piece of that billion-dollar pie because you lack a go-to plan of action to monetize your extraordinary expertise.   

I know you don’t have time to research every single next step, not to mention which software to use, and let’s not forget about the actual recording, formatting, and launching. 

Course creation takes hours upon hours of extra work that you will not see a profit from until it is out in the world, holding its own.

This Kit is everything you need to create your brilliant course NOW.

Psst… Project planners are expensive.

I’ve charged anywhere from $2K to $5K+ for what’s included in this Course Kit.

How about instead, for just $37, walk away with:

You can get ALL of this for less than 1 hour of my own project planning fee. 

If you are ballin on a budget, like the majority of us, then save your hard-earned money and get everything you need to succeed for, again, only $37. 

Here's what more students have to say...

- Jite E.

“I love love love the course creation kit. They give clarity and save a lot of research time. The online course kits are thoroughly and thoughtfully curated to take your expertise from idea stage to a complete online course. Deya communicates clearly the steps entailed in course creation, the systems you need to produce and promote a superb course. Highly recommend if you want to gain time and make quality content.

“The Online Course Creation Kit was amazing! It helped me take my idea for a course and map it out step by step, and now I have a complete plan for my online course and am ready to start recording my content! The toolkit that she provides saves SO much research time as it provides info on the tools you will need to create your course as well as pricing. 

Deya did not leave anything out. I’m so impressed with how comprehensive the tools are! I have checked out other courses that claim to teach you how to create an online course but they were all just basic outlines and didn’t give you actionable steps. This Online Course Creation Kit is EVERYTHING you need to build your online course and promote it. Thanks Deya for making it possible for me to FINALLY plan and create my course!”

- Alison W.

- Samantha W.

“Deya did it again! The online course project plan is SO impressive and comprehensive. It not only has everything you need to build a course, step by step, but it also has a tactical approach to all of the challenges that you will face while building it. She uses real-life knowledge and examples from helping clients build a course and her very own course building experience! 

This plan saves you so much time and money because Deya covers every single thing you need to know, do, and build to create a successful course. 

The resources are overall amazing – whether you are building a course completely on your own or planning on hiring help, you will get a clear picture of exactly what you need to do to make your course a reality.  As someone who is not super techy, it is a dream to have all the information in one place. She breaks down every techy tool you will need and options for every budget and usability – which will save you hours of research. 

And I can’t forget to mention the actionable habit tracker and lesson over your mindset monsters you will run into. She pinpoints exactly how to stay on track and what to do if you face exhaustion, imposter syndrome, overwhelm and decision fatigue. She also includes killer bonus worksheets and templates to keep you organized and informed. All of this knowledge really takes the fear (and excuses) out of chasing your online course dreams. 

The course project plan is a steal. Deya seriously overdelivered (as always) and if you are serious about making an online course – you need this project plan in your arsenal!”

Frequently Asked Questions

So, check all that applies to you:

After the Online Course Project Plan (+ your brilliant course idea), you will have:

Here's what more students have to say...

- Beth T.

PURE GOLD! If you or your client want to create an online course, this is everything that you’ll need, from start to finish! Project planning, checklists, worksheets… Oh my! 

All of this content makes me super excited as I KNOW it’s going to help me take my course to the next level for even more successful launches! Deya, just when I think you can’t possibly deliver more… You’ve gone and done it again!”

“Holy smokes! The Course Creation Kit content is exceptionally thorough and thought out for every step from A-Z! Deya really sets the bar high in all areas of her courses, over delivering on her promises is not just a sales gimmick— it’s WHO she is! Nothing is subpar!

This kit exceeded all my expectations. With all the templates, spreadsheets, graphics, and sample copy to guide you— there’s literally no excuse to not develop your course with the structure and foundation laid out for you. Everything is perfectly streamlined, all the steps are super easy to follow and conceptualize.

I feel more prepared and motivated to finally finish creating my course and a sense of gained confidence to implement without hesitation, especially having the promo kit, because now that I have the sales funnel tools at my finger tips— all the pieces to the course creation puzzle are complete. I could go on and on about the content & quality of this course! Deya completely nailed it!!!”

- Angie H.

- Anabell B.

“My dream has been to create online courses because I wanted to share the valuable content I have learned throughout the past years and also be able to generate an extra income.

Before taking Deya’s course I went through programs that only addressed a few parts of the process of a course creation. I signed up for Deya’s Online Course Project Plan and WOW.

I was super excited to jump in because I knew her DBM Bootcamp Course and its unbelievable value. The course exceeded my expectations because Deya is not only giving authentic behind the scenes of her own course creation but she is also providing helpful templates and processes that make it easy to follow through and make your dream of creating a course come true.

From creating to promoting it -> everything is covered. Take it from someone who has been taking courses for thousands of $: This package gives you the entire process for a very reasonable price. I have started to outline my first course and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend it, because the world is in need of what you have to share.”

“When I learned of Deya’s “Online Course Project Plan” kits, I knew I had to take them. Having already taken one of her courses, I already knew I was in for a comprehensive experience. Knew I was right! 

Deya holds us accountable with the homework she give us, ensuring that we succeed! For me, the practical side is the most important part of a course, so when a course doesn’t encourage us to DO, then while I may appreciate what I learned, it just does not deliver. Deya delivers. The same goes for the templates she provides, walking us through all of the most important parts. Ensuring we don’t forget anything. The resources Deya provides are so comprehensive, that I can’t imagine someone could add very much if they tried.”

- Fern A.

- Laura S.

This kit is something special. Deya is completely transparent about her process and breaks down all the costs and timeline on how she created her course. Absolutely no fluff, only pure value with soooo many bonuses. 

From brainstorming a profitable course idea, to sales funnels to course promotions, Deya has you covered! It’s clear, aesthetically appealing and unlike many courses this one is NOT boring. I recommend this kit to people who are interested in creating their own courses but have zero clue where to start. 

So much of it is done for you in the form of templates and resources that you can customize to fit your voice and brand. I personally love the templates and prompts as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. As someone who taken several paid courses, sometimes they can drag on and all motivation gets lost. This course was very easy to understand and put together in a logical manner. The steps you need to take are all clearly laid out and can even be implemented today!”

“WOW – just WOW. So much information in this Online Course Kit. To be honest, this is a whole full course contained in this so-called “mini product”. I learned so much in this kit especially with all the extra resources that it brings.

This kit provided me with very detailed steps and visuals to be able to create one or assist someone who would like to create a course. It was very fun and easy to understand every step of the way. Deya really over-did it!

Once you go through this kit, you won’t feel such pressure and instead, feel more prepared and motivated to create your dream course. With lessons, homeworks, spreadsheets, templates, and step by step visuals, you will sure have a solid foundation and a good starting point.

“By taking this course, you already took one step ahead!” Thank you so much Deya!

- Alissa M.

- Vanessa G.

“Deya’s Course Creation Kit is above and beyond! It explains everything in detail for each step. This course exceeded all my expectations; it is just WOW!

Everything is covered in this kit with a handful of helpful templates and spreadsheets. Deya makes it easy to understand the whole process. This material gives you everything you understand and start the process of course creation. And when you think it can’t be better, check the price! It is an excellent price for all the quality content you get! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!”

“If I had to describe Deya’s Course Creation Kit, I would call it mind-blown. Deya truly excels at over-delivering in her courses and this one is not the exception. She does such an amazing job at dismantling the process of creating a course and gives you ALL the templates you’ll need to build it step by step, it almost feels as she’s with you in every little step. 

Creating a course can be so overwhelming, and it can feel like this never-ending to-do list, but Deya is so good at coaching you to the right mindset to actually get things done! I can’t recommend this kit enough! It’s everything you need and more, so much more!”

- June L.

- Melanie R.

“I followed this online course creation course by Deya as I was overwhelmed by all the information online AND I want to help clients with setting up their online courses. 

After going through the course, I’m really happy with it. Deya’s voice is really soothing and calm and she gets to the point instead of filling the videos with fluff and unrelated backstories, she talks about the current lesson now and her materials all back up the video lessons. 

The templates are worth the course fee alone. They’re easy to use, practical, and really made me feel like I can do this. I highly recommend this course.”

“If there is anyone that can teach you how to create a course while providing stellar templates to get you started, it is Deya. Having created her own Digital Business Manager Bootcamp that overdelivered on content and has helped hundreds of students in less than 3 months, she has first-hand experience on how to create and sell your course and shows you exactly how to do it in this Online Course Kit. 

Whether you have wanted to create your own course for a while and don’t know where to start, or you are a VA / Digital Business Manager helping clients create their own courses, you will want this Kit. You will save valuable time and effort trying to figure it out yourself when you could literally have a step by step guide of creating a course from start to finish.

The Masterclass in Sales Funnels and the templates alone in this kit are worth the value of the course. I took this course to be able to add additional value to my clients and now have the confidence to provide ‘course creation’ as a service. Deya puts 200% in everything she does and this Online Course Kit is no exception. You will thank yourself for investing in her and in You. Do it!”

- Samantha G.

- Sigien M.

“This course is AMAZING! It is FULL of practical information to help you create your course. Deya thought of everything you can imagine like a project plan, templates, checklists… Everything to set your online course up for success! She is teaching from her own experience. Besides all the practical things, she teaches her students to deal with their mindset, which I think is an important part that I love as we are all humans and not robots.

Deya thought of every detail. I loved the Excel sheet where you fill in the hours per week that you can spend time creating your course. And then, all the dates are updated automatically. Super handy. And what to think about the Online Course Creator’s Toolkit: you won’t have to figure important things out yourself like where to host your course, where to host your videos, how you’ll take payment from students, etc. etc. 

Can you imagine how much time it’ll save you from researching on the web? The time you can spend on actually building your dream course? Also a time-saver: the Team Cheatsheet. You won’t have to figure out who the key players of an online course remote team are, their services, their pricing, etc.

I was super happy when I found out about the ‘How to Record Quality Sound for Your Online Course Checklist,’ one of Deya’s course’s practical aspects. Don’t like spending too much time on designing? Or just don’t have the budget to let someone do the design work for you? I loved the fact that Deya gives you different customizable templates. And not to forget; before you start creating your course, use Deya’s ‘Course Validation Checklist’ to make sure your course will be successful and profitable. 

It is definitely worth the money. I recommend this to everyone who wants to create a course.

P.S. Deya has a super lovely teaching voice to listen to :)”

Let's make creating your course painless.

And get you a significant piece of the e-learning pie with just the click of a button (that button, below).


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